Diverticular disease is a degenerative condition of the large bowel (colon). Over time outpouchings (diverticula) of the bowel lining develop through the muscular wall of the bowel . These are usually less than a centimetre in size and there may be many or few. The condition usually effects older people but may develop earlier. The condition may lead to no trouble at all but can lead to various problems. The diverticula may become inflamed (diverticulitis). One of the diverticula may perforate leading to an abscess. The abscess may discharge into the bladder or vagina leading to a connection between the bowel and the bladder or vagina (a diverticular fistula). When the inflammation settles the scar tissue may cause a partial blockage of the bowel (diverticular stricture). Sometimes one will simply suffer unpleasant lower abdominal pain. Exeter Specialist Clinics offer diagnosis of the condition with colonoscopy or X-ray tests. We also offer keyhole surgery for the complications of the condition.